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Part of the Marblous range the Sivec Marble Sivec’s light, luminous colour fills every monotonous and gloomy surroundings with comfort, yearning for a breath of fresh air. It has an even finish with no prominent nuances or colour contrasts, lending a minimalist touch to its revitalising impact. This is an excellent choice for upgrading traditional drawing rooms, where its beauty can stand out when combined with hardwood chairs and exquisite fabrics. Sivec sets the tone for a warm, light-filled decor, providing a magical, inviting atmosphere in all surfaces of a modern house. A fantastic approach for illuminating spaces.

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Polished, Honed


  • 610x305x12mm
  • 610x610x12mm
  • Custom sizes available upon request


Floors and Walls, Internal, Kitchen, Bathroom/Laundry

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