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Part of the Marblous range the Le Ondata the genuine and poetic force of Le Ondata, supplied by Marblous Group, is embodied by a brilliant stone skin with prominent veins that mimic a delicate movement. A material capable of infusing an environment with a colour pallet of subtle greys and blue hues; sometimes intense, and other times with snowy streaks. Its design emphasises the purity of the ocean while also providing a touch of eclecticism owing to the marble’s swift movement and colour pallet. A worthy piece for countertops in modern and cosmopolitan bathrooms or kitchens that embrace a minimalist aesthetic and elevated materials. Le Ondata is all about balance, with a polished finish that evokes shining, controlled, and elegant skin, mimicking the surface of the ocean with the gleaming sun, referencing its name which means wave in Italian.

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  • 3140x1850x20mm
  • Custom sizes available upon request


Feature Walls, Fireplaces, Floors and Walls, Vanity Tops, Benchtop/Splashback, Kitchen, Bathroom/Laundry

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