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Part of the Marblous range the Carrara Marble has been quarried and used since the time of ancient Rome, named after the region it is quarried from, Carrara Italy. With its splotches of gray on a white surface produces a cloud of light and indistinct grays. It has been used since the time of Ancient Rome and was known as “Luni marble.” During the 1500s in the town of Massa Italy they used Carrara for new roads, plazas, intersections, pavings so you could imagine it is a pretty durable marble making it perfect for your benchtops and looks stunning doing it. Adds sophistication to any room as it is one of the most iconic stones.

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Polished, Honed


  • 2950x2000x20m
  • Custom sizes available upon request


Feature Walls, Fireplaces, Floors and Walls, Vanity Tops, Wet Areas, Benchtop/Splashback, Kitchen, Bathroom/Laundry

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